9 Tips on Caring for You


“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.”

I am sure you have seen this quote floating around on some self-health blog or one of those healthy living Instagram pages. Because, honestly, that’s exactly where I read it first. I archived this jewel in my gallery of screenshots months ago, and I have come across it time and time again. I should obviously embrace this sporadic reminder that self-care is not just a great concept; it is NEEDED. I’ve touched on this topic in one of my previous writes, To Be or Not to Be, Selfish. However, I’ve yet to actually offer any specific tips. So, from the pages of my journal, to your screens of preference (laptop, phone, tablet, whatever), these are my tips for fellow “self-care practitioners” :

  1. Pray/meditate twice a day. If you don’t consider yourself a religious person, this is simply time for reflection. This practice is great for setting the tone of your day (morning), and unwinding after it’s all done (night).
  2. Eat three meals a day. This seems like an easy one, but many of us neglect to do it. For those of us who do, we may neglect the fact that these three meals should be HEALTHY ones.
  3. Drink water, lots of it. Again, as with tip 3, many of us neglect the fact that this is essential. Water is literally life. Drink it. Get your life.
  4.  Exercise 3-4 times a week. I would suggest everyday, but I know from experience that’s not always possible. However, I can also tell you that just 30-45 minutes does well for your being (body, spirit, and mind).
  5.  Exfoliate, at least twice a week. A face scrub does wonders for the skin. This, along with tips 2 and 3, will keep your face flawless.
  6. Read at least 30 minutes a day. If you are a student or a professional, this means read something other than what’s required for your field. Pick up some material of interest, and get lost in it.
  7. Be creative. I have no specific time frame in which you should do this. Do it as often as possible though. Design something. Style someone. Write something. Do something besides scroll social media! [LOL]
  8. No screen time the hour before bed.  Any disregard of this tip will more than likely result in disregard of tip 1. I say this because it is virtually impossible to reflect on anything while your eyes or fixated on your phone or on your TV. Look away; you fall asleep faster, and you will sleep better. Well, that’s according to science.
  9. Speak positively about yourself and your situation. You should do this ALL the time. I am aware that this is easier said than done, because we’re not always happy. However, try to talk around it. State what you’re unhappy with, but resolve on a positive note.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert of any sorts; my advisement is based solely on what has been effective in my PERSONAL walk of life. Results may vary based on practice, effort and consistence.I can offer no guarantee. However, my cup does runneth over! *insert winky face emoji*


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