Ode to Giovanni

I was born in the jungle

I walked cracked sidewalks and made mud pies

I planted a tree so tall that if you climbed atop, you’d be touching sky

I am Earth


I sat on the porch

Sipping tea with my sister

I got hot, so I  breezed to scoop mister mister

I am six of seven, living

Born on a Resurrection Sunday

I am Woman


I gazed upon the ocean

and crossed the cool sand

with a bottle of water

and a towel in hand

I crossed with steady strides

I am quick as tides

Catch me if you can


As a birthday present,

when she turns three,

I’ll bestow my daughter with

sunflower seeds

At four, she’ll give me

flowers for Mother’s Day

I will bask in the sun


My son, Inshallah, will build kingdoms

I’ll stand, proud of him

And on a sweet summer’s day,

I’ll turn to my Old Earth just as

I am, Earth

and in sweet admittance,

turn over old dirt

All is well, All is well

I am ready for growth


I’ll forsake blood diamonds

and salivate rose gold

as if custom-fitted from a mold

Like northern winters,

poetic vernacular so cold

Bound to leave your nose leaky

And when I do breeze further East

to escape this southern heat

and finally land,

I’ll send word to my brothers

back in the West

I’m with mother; I’m home

I’m blessed


I’m so divine, such a vibe, so real

Everyone who knows me knows that God Is


I mean…I…am light

Like stars in sky




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