Embracing Your “Me”

I have no idea what I am doing, at all. The old “me” would have never admitted to that. If even questioned, the old “me” would have laid you out with details of a five year plan of sorts. Well, current “me” has no plan. I won’t even venture into what I’ll do next week, let alone five years from now. I am literally taking it day by day. And as much as of that would have made the old “me” uncomfortable, the current “me” is content and unbothered.

Taking it day by day by no means implies that I am living frivolously or carelessly. It doesn’t mean that I don’t save for a rainy day. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have any goals. It doesn’t mean that I am ill-prepared. In fact, I am very aware of the importance of goal setting and planning ahead. I’m just not fixated on one particular path or one set plan. I have realized that, because I am constantly changing, so does my outlook on strategy. It’s simply less stressful for “me” not to set anything in stone.

See, the quotation marks around the word me is my way of acknowledging that I am evolving. The “me” today may not be the same “me” next year. Shit, next month I may read this and think the “me” who wrote this is completely crazy, and that’s fine. It is what it is. One thing it is not is fear.  Fear is for those who are fighting or disregarding their evolution. Those who are afraid to venture out, to discover, to think. Not being self-righteous, this is simply a reflection on the old “me”.

With all of that said, IT IS OKAY TO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING ALL OF THE TIME. It’s okay if everything doesn’t go as planned; there’s more than one route to your destination. If a different route opens; take it. Move on your own time, at your own pace. Don’t let the opinions and experiences of others dictate your journey. It’s okay to change your mind. Acknowledge your evolution. Listen to you, because I’m sure as heaven going to listen to “me”.




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